The Arena 7 Fun Facts about Karaoke

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This week we bring you some fun and interesting facts about Karaoke. Please add any you think are interesting

  1. Karaoke was born in Japan when a band failed to show for a gig in a bar, the owner put on some music and asked his customers to come up and sing
  2. The Word Karaoke actually means “Empty Orchestra” in Japanese
  3. Karaoke is such a popular past time in Japan that business men often hire professional singers to coach them how to sing to impress clients
  4. The most popular song requested is “Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
  5. The Karaoke World Championships started in 2003
  6. The 2014 Karaoke World Championships were held in Stockholm
  7. Many Karaoke Champions go on to secure record deals with Adrian Kenny from Cork doing so in 2005 and went to support Jedward and Shane Ward in Concerts


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